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Campo da Graça


Entrances to "Campo da Graça" ( Parque Tejo - Trancão)

Lost and found

Regulation of the Spaces* of WYD Lisbon 2023

  1. The entry of the items listed on the attachment is forbiden.
  2. The Security Forces present at the venues, duly uniformed and accredited by the organization, may:
    a. Verify people's identification in order to confirm their identity;
    b. As part of the police assessment, and in case of suspicion, check the contents of any luggage, clothing or equipment, other than those listed in point 1, and may conduct security searches;
    c. Give safety instructions to people causing public disorder, damage, or inappropriate behavior. In the event of persistence, such people may be required to leave the premises.
  3. In case of rude non-compliance with the recommendations of the volunteers or the signs of the venue, the organization does not assume responsibility for any physical or material damage.
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